Liveridge British 4x4 Ltd, the specialist in refurbishing Land Rovers. We are an independent family run company with generations of experience leading the way in all your Land Rover Requirements.

Defender 110Were built from 1983 they retain their classic Land Rover look and is instantly recognised the world over.  The Land Rover 110 was a completely different vehicle to the 109 Series 111, the mechanics and drive chain where superior in ride comfort and this together with the interior design made driving experience more usable for longer journeys. Disk brakes where fitted to the front and drums on the rear and power steering was optional.

Liveridge 4x4 Light Greeen Land Rover Defender 110Land Rover offered a rang of engines, the first had 2¼ petrol or diesel engines and four speed Land Rover transmission, these where updated to the 2.5 petrol and diesel engines although low on performance were reliable and very easy to maintain, a V8 petrol engine was also offered with better performance but high fuel costs, a turbo version was added in the mid 1980’s, with more performance than the previous Land Rover diesels but proved to be unreliable and prone to premature engine failure, at the end of 1989 Land Rover put into production the 200 TDi for the first time Land Rover had a reliable modern feeling diesel with good fuel economy and very reliable.  
Defender 110 refurbished by Liveridge 4x4The Land Rover Defender 110 300 TDi was fitted from 1992 at the same time rear disk brakes and R380 gearbox were used, this was another improvement to ride quality and performance although the same 111 BHP as the Defender 200 series the Defender 300 TDi had a more modern feel and improved acceleration and cruising speed by many regarded as the best Land Rover ever produced, a soft top, truck cab, hard top and county 5 door models were produced in high volume but 130 and other modified vehicles were available.
Landrover Defender 110In 1999 BMW now owned the Land Rover Company and the TD5 engine was used, this has proved to be reliable and has more power but does have the disadvantage of far more complicated electronics, making home maintenance and road side repairs more difficult and expensive.
Ford introduced the puma engine in 2006 and radically changed many aspects of the vehicle and some people feel this somewhat lost, their original concept of Land Rover simplicity and reliability but time will tell as to the longevity of the latest Land Rover Defender 110, there is no more versatile vehicle with earlier models having up to 12 seats, towing capacity of 3500kg, a wading depth as standard of 500mm and departure angle of  34.5° and load space of up to 3062 litres in the Defender Hard Top version.
The Defender 110 is the most popular vehicle we produce at Liveridge and 300 TDi rebuilt and refurbished vehicles are in high demand.
Silver Lasndorver Defender 110

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Liveridge British 4X4 ltd, the specialist in refurbishing Land Rovers. We are an independent family run company with generations of experience leading the way in all your Land Rover requirements.