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Defender 90
Built from 1983 the Land Rover 90 was a hit from day one with superior ride and comfort from the series 3 88” power steering was optional and coil springs standard fitment, transmission have Diff lock and permanent 4 wheel drive, the Land Rover 90 Defender is the off road competition and fun off road choice with a departure angle of 53° with larger tyres, they are the most capable off road vehicle even in their standard form, load space is 1844 litres in Hard Top version, soft top, truck cab, Station Wagon and Hard Top options available wading depth of 500mm with 20 R16 standard tyres makes the Land Rover 90 a truly go anywhere vehicle.
Land Rover Defender 90 Refurbished by Liveridge 4x4The Land Rover 90 was very popular with the Military and thousands were used all over the world.  The Land Rover Military version was crude and simplistic, but extremely hard wearing and reliable.  The Wolf Land Rover 90 was fitted with 300 TDi and these are very sort after, standard Land Rover Defender 90 fuel tank capacity was 54.6 litres (12 gallons), TDi versions do around 28mpg, standard tyre size 205/16 but the vehicles benefit from larger 750/16 or metric equivalent, this gives the Defender 90 more ground clearance and improves gearing unless the Land Rover is used for heavy towing.
Land Rover Defender 90 Refurbished by Liveridge 4x4A standard Land Rover 90 has a gross vehicle weight of 2400kg, towing weights for on road use 750kg for un-braked trailers and 4000kg for 4 wheel trailers with coupled brakes on Land Rovers modified to accept coupled brakes.  Overall length is approximately 3883mm (152.9 inches) depending on the model; overall width is 1790mm (70.5 inches).  Height can vary but a standard Land Rover 90 is 1972mm (77.6 inches).  The electrical systems on all Land Rover 90 are 12 volt with few military exceptions.  
Silber D90 Engine options and changes were virtually the same as the Land Rover 110 with original 21/4 petrol and diesel engines upgraded to the very popular 200 TDi and the most popular 300 TDi engine at the start of 1993.  Land Rover fitted the TD5 engine from 1999 and this has proved to be a good reliable although complicated engine compared to previous Land Rover engines.
Land Rover Station Wagons seat up to seven people in earlier models, the latest Puma vehicles are generally fitted with two forward facing seats, due to seat and seat belt legislation.  Refurbished and Rebuilt Land Rover 90s are much in demand and the 300 TDi versions are holding their value probably better than any other mass produced vehicles.

As with the Land Rover 110 the Defender 90 can be extremely modified to suit virtually all requirements, if you want a used Land Rover 90, rebuilt Land Rover 90 or a modified vehicle or your existing Land Rover needs T.L.C please contact us for a quotation.            



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Liveridge British 4X4 ltd, the specialist in refurbishing Land Rovers. We are an independent family run company with generations of experience leading the way in all your Land Rover requirements.