Liveridge British 4x4 Ltd, the specialist in refurbishing Land Rovers. We are an independent family run company with generations of experience leading the way in all your Land Rover Requirements.

Land Rover Discovery The Discovery was first introduced to the UK market in late 1989. It was at that time only available in the 3 door version, The 5 door model was made available in 1990. A commercial model was introduced in 1993. 
Mechanical and cosmetic alterations were made for 1994. The biggest change being the introduction of the 300 TDi engine and the fitment of R380 Gearbox. The TD5 was introduced in the late 1990’s. 
Liveridge Sponsored Discovery200 and 300 TDi Discovery’s were somewhat underrated, but are good value for money as used vehicles. They are very capable off road, using a very similar drive chain to the Defender. The 4 cylinder mpi Petrol was a disaster and we avoid them like the plague. The V8 Petrol is reliable but very thirsty, but we have had good results with gas conversions.  200 and 300 TDi type Discovery’s are a cheaper alternative to the Defender and in some cases can be more suitable as an every day vehicle. 
Discovery’s can be modified to do serious off road work, ground clearance can be improved with lift kits and many other modifications are available from Liveridge British 4x4. 
Land Rover DiscoveryDiscovery’s are ideal tow vehicles and make a very good transition from car to off road work horse, our trained staff use Autologic Computer Technology to deal with all Discovery 1, 2 and 3 electrical jobs.  A full back up service is given with your servicing, MOT, body work, spare parts and accessories catered for.  Our Computer Diagnostic System is updated every week so every vehicle can be catered for, including brand new vehicles.
Have your Discovery Refurbished; it is now very popular for customers requesting to have their Land Rover 200 and 300 Series Refurbished.  At Liveridge we offer a full mechanical and cosmetic Refurbishment to all Discovery Types.
The Discovery 11 was a completely different vehicle to the previous models and Land Rover quoted 720 differences, the TD5 is a direct injection engine 5 cylinders 2496cc available with ZF 4 speed automatic or 5 speed manual, Land Rover TD5’s are classed as 5uv. 
LIveridge Sponsored Land Rover DiscoveryLength 4704mm (185.2 inches), Width 1890mm (74.4 inches), curb weight 2220kg (4543lb), locking differentials up to 2001, traction controls from 2004, seven seat option with 2 forward facing boot area seat available.  Discovery 11 TD5 load space 577 liters, or 1993 liters with seats down. 
Discovery 3  Introduced in 2004
Again a completely different vehicle, integrated body frame, engine bay and passenger compartment is monologue then fitted to chassis, petrol and diesel engines, independent air suspension, six speed gearbox, multiple electronic traction control.  The Land Rover Discovery 3 is the first to be offered from Land Rover with rear locking differential. 
Discovery 3 offered a new take  on a classic theme with radical new styling and high tech features with a wide range of prices, engines are 2.7 turbo diesel and 4.4 petrol models are S, SE and HSE, the symmetric styling was an instant hit
Engine is constructed of graphite iron for outstanding strength, complicated electronics need specialist equipment and knowledge our team are specialists in all that is Landrover
Discovery 4 introduced 2010
A new look and design more modern look from previous discovery’s key changes where engine and tweaking of the suspension a go anywhere off road vehicle, close to range rover levels of comfort even on Diesel Models,
Engine types are 2.7  V6 Diesel, 24V DOHC TC 3.0 V6 Diesel
3.0 V6 petrol and 4.0 V6 petrol and a 5.0 V8 petrol version at 375HP. 
Length 1882mm (74.1 inches), width 1915mm (75.4 inches). Height 2005 – 2006 1882mm (74.1 inches), 2007 1892mm (74.5 inches), curb weight 2419 kg (5333lb).   

Vehicle dimensions
  200 TDI 300 TDI
Length (mm) 4521 4484
Width (mm) 1793 2189
Height (mm) 1928 1914
Max Gross Weight (kg) 2720
Max Towing Weight - Unbraked (kg) 750
Trailor with overrun breaks and applicable mods (kg) 3500
Fully breaked trailor (kg) 4000

Fuel economy

300 TDI 32 28
V8i 15 21

Electrical System



Lock to lock 3.375 turns
Turning circe 13.41 m 11.9m(39ft)

Fuel Tank Capacity: 89 litres(19.5 glallons)

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Liveridge British 4X4 ltd, the specialist in refurbishing Land Rovers. We are an independent family run company with generations of experience leading the way in all your Land Rover requirements.