Liveridge British 4x4 Ltd, the specialist in refurbishing Land Rovers. We are an independent family run company with generations of experience leading the way in all your Land Rover Requirements.

Liveridge 4x4 Off RoadThe land rover 90 and 110 has permanent four wheel drive, This is achieved by lockable centre differential situated at the rear of the transmission unit, When locked this in effect joins the drive shafts in the front and rear together allowing both to rotate at the same speed, This increases traction in poor terrain on or off road surfaces. When the differential is unlocked the changing requirements of both axles are accommodated enabling the vehicle to operate in permanent four wheel drive for normal road use and light off road conditions. To select the diff lock we advise the land rover should be stationary although land rover do state that it can be operated at any road speed but it is essential to be travelling on firm ground in a straight line and with out wheel slip { far safer to stop the vehicle or at least only engage at very low speeds }. You should never engage diff lock from the transfer neutral position unless completely stationary, But obviously the engine can be running, When locking the differential ease the throttle depress the clutch and move the transfer gear lever to the left from either H {high} or L {low} position, there is a warning light on the instrument panel to confirm diff lock, however these units are often unreliable it should be remembered that this operation is mechanical not electric, If after returning the lever to the standard position { moving lever back to right hand position } the warning light stays on reverse the vehicle for a short distance and the light will often go off, if it does not extinguish the transmission should be checked by a mechanic as soon as possible.

You should only lock the differential to drive on loose, slippery surfaces I e, mud , snow and sand where traction is liable to be lost, ALWAYS unlock the diff for normal road use, if the vehicle is used on normal surfaces in diff lock steering will be stiff and impaired also excessive wear will occur to tyres, transmission, universal joints, this is known as transmission wind up and puts many mechanical components under unnecessary strain.

After using Diff Lock sometimes Transmission wind up may be present and occasionally the Diff Lock warning light may stop on to indicate this. However the Diff Lock warning lights are not wonderfully accurate so the advice from Liveridge is after using Diff Lock always stop the vehicle, take it out of Diff Lock and select normal drive position, then reverse the vehicle for a short distance. You will find if you accelerate in reverse this will unwind the transmission in one attempt.

Low range can be used when towing heavy loads from a stationary position or in situations of low speed manoeuvring, i.e. negotiating very steep inclines or unlevel ground with large obstacles, Low should only be operated in extreme off road conditions, i.e. pulling tractor out off ditch or removing a tree stump.

When the lever is in neutral no drive will be transmitted to any road wheels only use {n} position when being towed or during winching and power take off facilities. We advise that you do not select from high to low or low to high unless stationary where possible, it is very unadvisable to select low to high position when manoeuvring, if it is necessary to select high from low range whilst manoeuvring i.e. {pulling heavy trailer on initial take off} apply back pressure to lever then in three simultaneous moves depress clutch release the accelerator pull the transfer lever into neutral release the clutch for a few seconds before depressing it again and move the lever firmly into high position. With practice a relatively smooth gear change can be made

Reinflate tyres, tighten fan belt where necessary, clear mud from tyre tread, ensure air filter has not become clogged, remember braking efficiency can be reduced when wet or clogged with mud. Always check tyre walls for cracking and splits, remove grit from the brake disks. Liveridge 4x4 off Road Land Rover


Liveridge British 4X4 ltd, the specialist in refurbishing Land Rovers. We are an independent family run company with generations of experience leading the way in all your Land Rover requirements.