Liveridge British 4x4 Ltd, the specialist in refurbishing Land Rovers. We are an independent family run company with generations of experience leading the way in all your Land Rover Requirements.

Frederick Howard (Senior) was born in Birmingham in 1913.
Fred Howard's Original Land Rover Identity CardHe served his apprenticeship as a universal grinder, becoming a first rate engineer and mechanic.

During World War 2 all car production was suspended, so he was sent to work in the Shadow factories in the Kinver tunnels. Mainly working on the Merlin engine production. These engines were used predominately for the Spitfire and Lancaster aircraft's.

Fred senior worked all through the constant bombing and the efforts and sacrifices made by these men is often forgotten.
They often had long periods away from home, (I remember my grandfather telling me about how he and his colleagues on a tea break on the night shift stood in silence looking at the glow of Birmingham on fire). This sight of course made them think even more about their families at home.

After the war Fred senior worked at all the Land Rover Factories, including Clay Lane, Percy Road and Lode Lane. He then worked for Land Rover until his retirement. He worked most of his working life for the Rover group, and on upon his retirement became a driving force into the Liveridge roots.
Frederick Howard (Senior) 1913  - 1986 
(Greatly missed by all)
Fred Howard(Junior)Fred Howard started working at the Land Rover factory in 1959 and did many varied jobs within the factory, eventually working on major rectification. He purchased his first Land Rover in 1960 and has owned most models of the Land Rover range. In 1973 Fred left the factory to establish the Liveridge Company helped by his father Frederick Howard senior.
Chris HowardChris Howard joined the family business in 1982 and Robert Howard joined shortly after. The first Premises was a service station, but by the early eighties the restricted space was becoming unsuitable for an expanding business. A large amount of our work was trade orientated so we decided to buy land with units already on rather than another service station.
Rob Howard like all the family was hooked on Landys from an early age, joining the family business working his holidays and weekends from 12 years of age. Rob has a vast knowledge of Land Rovers rebuilding vehicles from scratch is his passion. Rob has travelled world wide with his work and has driven in some of the toughest terrain in the world.
Rob Howard

Liveridge Today : Liveridge British 4X4 has led the way specialising in refurbishing Land Rovers. We are an ever-expanding company, but still use our original straight forward and friendly approach and will give honest advice with years of experience in every aspect of the Land Rover market.

We export worldwide supplying not only refurbished but also used Land Rover's. This is why we have been chosen to produce the next Land Rover 90 and 110 Haynes Manual restoration with all mechanical work and photographs taking place in the Liveridge workshop. We also offer a comprehensive spares back up to all our customers. Our Land Rover buyers travel the length of the country in pursuit of the best quality Land Rovers and we may only buy 5 out of 30 vehicles viewed.

This enables us to maintain the highest standard that our customers expect, whether they require donor vehicles with a view to refurbishment or a quality used vehicle. A good majority of our work goes to the trade and we have been supplying vehicles for the African charities for many years. We offer so many variations and modifications it would be impossible to list every specification, but over the years we have undertaken probably every modification you can think of and a few more to all models of Land Rovers.

We refurbish Land Rovers for numerous charities all over the world and built special purpose vehicles, Ambulance's, Fire Tenders, Mobile work shops, Wheel chair lifts, Camper vans and even competition off road vehicles, that have gone to start work in, America, New Zealand, Africa, India, Canada and numerous other countries all over Europe and Asia.

 The Next Generation:
Antony Howard has been a common site at Liveridge since he was 13 years old and has been a Land Rover nut all his life, as you would expect being Chris's son. Antony has knowledge and experience far exceeding his age.

Jamie Howard, Rob's son will be starting his apprenticeship shortly and loves his Saturday job usually covered in grease and likes nothing more than ripping Land Rovers apart.
Anthony Howard

"Your level of excellent customer service is something to be savoured these days"
Stu and Sue Adams
"It is better, a lot better, than we ever expected"
Robbie Brennen
"The work undertaken is of a high standard and I am very impressed by the attention to detail throughout, whether visible or not"
Peter Jones
"I would highly recommend buying a Land Rover from LIVERIDGE, as I couldn’t have been happier with the keep, condition of my Landy and the value for money.
Olivia Chaffe

Liveridge British 4X4 ltd, the specialist in refurbishing Land Rovers. We are an independent family run company with generations of experience leading the way in all your Land Rover requirements.